Expanding our Business into Canada

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The goods must also no belong to some of those restricted to enter the country. Moreover, the tariff classification, rates of duties and tax charged on imports are a major consideration when it comes to importing of goods to Canada.
According to the guideline on doing business in Canada (HLB Canada 2008), for one to expand his business in Canada, there are a number of things that must be considered and put in place. These issues include. for instance if one wants to start a business in a certain province in Canada, he needs to register his business as an extra-provincial corporation in that province (DBC 2008). In addition, all the procedures must be followed to the later. First of all, for a company which seeks to expand its business in Canada but already has an existing business in their country of origin, it can apply to go to Canada as a business immigrant, however, there are three types of business immigrants, which include investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed business immigrants. According to the citizenship and immigration Canada (2010), business immigrants have to make an C$800,000 investment or own and manage a business in Canada and must also meet certain experience. For investors who seek to expand their businesses to Canada, they must be experienced in business, they should at least have a minimum of c$1,600,000 net which must have been obtained genuinely, and they should also manage to make an c$800,000 investment (CIC 2010). Nevertheless, business is considered the main backbone of any country and so, being cautious when it comes to foreign investors is very important.