Executive Interview

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In other words, the person has a certain ideal that is used to measure the correctness of each action. Another point that should be mentioned is that the subject draws a direct connection between the notions of ought and can (Doviak, 2011, p. 262). As a result, the ethical rules are not something that exists in the abstract environment, but something that should be applied to everyday interactions with the people. This is particularly important since it shows that the person in question actually engages ethical consideration in the everyday practice. That is why his behavior should be praised as it as directly effected by the ideals and is performed is close relation to the ethical framework that the person has developed. By far, this is a big difference if compared to the majority of the people who do not engage Ethics in the daily life.
One would make no mistake suggesting that person has experienced some problem in the course of professional activity. It was noted that one of the biggest ones was to save the integrity and make sure that the ethical standards are not compromised (Constantin, 2014, p. 432). This is rather important since it shows that a person truly wants to live to his expectations and make sure that his image in the workplace serves as a role model for other people. It is quite obvious that the question of integrity is significant for the people who are in the military since it is one of the values that is being highly praised in their environment. That is why keeping it was named among the major challenges in the work place. Another challenge which was mentioned focused on making sure that people who are not able to conduct according to the high ethical standards do not get away with it. One might suggest that this not only goes contrary to the notion of justice, but also undermines the ground on which the military stands. Thus, the latter greatly relies on the