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Business Letter Dear James, Thanks for your letter regarding internet security issues. I do understand that Glassplex is growing rapidly in the business of plexiglas. Soon, you are likely to have the internet presence in order to cater your customer needs and meet your larger aspirations. I understand that the matter related to internet security concerns you. Internet, a shared network, provides resources that we never thought of 15 years back. Along with its benefits, it brings a risk of abuse too in forms of virus creators, hackers and from numerous malware operators. You need to have a robust security system in place that can protect you from hackers, virus mongers, spyware, Trojans, and hosts of other malwares. For your immediate need, I would recommend you a product that has come from a giant of all who knows ins and outs of the nuisance creators and their modus operandi. According to Microsoft, they have devised a product which offers state-of-the-art protection against all known risks associated while being online. Microsoft Malware protection Center (MMPC) is equipped to provide world-class antimalware research and response capabilities. A product called Microsoft Security Essentials (MES) is built on the Microsoft industry-certified antimalware protection platform. The product is developed around the core antimalware technology that is also the basis of other security products from Microsoft. It has also received the VB 100 award from Virus Bulletin Ltd and also a certification from ICSA Labs. The key features of the product (MES) include the following: Automatic Update MES ensures that the antimalware engine, signatures, and application are automatically updated. The system downloads new malware signatures every day. As new threat emerges, malware engine upgrades delivering new applications to your system to combat the threats. Smart Caching and Active Memory Swapping MSE uses smart caching and active memory technique limiting the amount of memory used even if the volume of malware enhances. This ensures smooth functioning for less powerful system such as notebooks. When scanning process on files is slow, MSE uses telemetry by sending it to Microsoft for analysis and resolution. Routine updates remove unnecessary signatures, provide for improved scanning speed and thus reduce memory usage. Simple and Easy in Use Microsoft Security Essentials run in the background, with minimal interruption, without taking a toll to your resources. When your intervention is required, you are presented with recommendations through application alerts. PC Performance Not Affected The product is smaller in size. Updates and scans run when the PC is idle. CPU throttling ensures that at no point of time, it uses more than 50 percent of the CPU resources so that your system continues to perform your essential tasks. For more information, you can visit and take your own decision in the internet security related matter. If you have any questions, kindly do not hesitate to contact me. Thanking you, Sincerely, ABC References: 1. Microsoft Security Essentials Product Information (2011), [Online] available at [Accessed 11 July 2011] 2. Malware Protection Center [Online] available at [Accessed 11 July 2011]