Examining Your Community’s Source of Energy

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These three sources are used in the community to fulfill the different energy needs of community members. The lives of the community members are heavily dependent on the basis of these energy sources. These sources have a significant influence on the lives of community members. Fossil fuel is consisting of high percentages of coal, carbon, petroleum and natural gas. Nuclear energy has different radioactive materials. Hydroelectricity is generated from water.

Yes, certainly all these energy resources have different negative impacts on the environment of the community. According to the statistic of Energy information administration, fossil fuel emits 3.2 billion tons of extra carbon dioxide on yearly bases. Carbon dioxide is highly detrimental to the environment of the community. It adds a significant amount of pollution in the air. Burning of oil and coal. damages community lands, causes lung diseases and over all environmental degradation takes place. It causes global warming, acid rain and water pollution in the community. Different radioactive materials like uranium and plutonium are being used in the case of nuclear energy. These materials are very hazardous for the community environment and can reduce the natural growth of plants and create an unhygienic environment in the community for living. Different radioactive isotopes are very dangerous and have sheer negative impacts on the environment of the community. It can bring catastrophic situation for the environment of the community. In the case of hydroelectric power generation, big dams are needed to be prepared. It restricts the normal flow of water. Once the normal flow of water has been restricted there are high risks of floods. Global warming is a serious negative impact on the environment of the community when hydroelectric plants are installed then it creates lots of air pollution in the community.

Yes, the community has different nuclear waste at its disposal. As nuclear energy is being used as one of the&nbsp.primary sources of energy, then it is quite obvious that there will be significant nuclear wastes.&nbsp.