Exam Two

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The US Role in the World from 1865 to the Present The United s of America have been playing a critical role in the world since 1865. After the country’s reconstruction efforts, it ventured into the progressive era setting a new pace for industrialization. The American commitment to industrialization was an example imitated by other countries. During the First World War, the United States of American chose to remain neutral until 1917 when it was compelled to join the war. America’s participation in the war redefined the globe as well as the American Society. The United States waged war against Germany in 1917 a factor that redefined the remaining years of the war. The United States would introduce new war tactics such as chemical weapons and aircrafts (Foner 67). For this reason, the American troops contributed significantly to the high number of casualties and deaths resulting from the First World War. In the Second World War, the United States also played a critical role by continuing to use the tactics it had introduced in the First World War.
The United States used the Second World War to gain global dominance and emerged as a superpower demanding respect from the rest of the world. America’s commitment to capitalism and its formation of allies supporting the ideology was one of the main concepts defining the cold war. The cold war period saw numerous wars and revolutions staged by communists and capitalists. In 1953 to 1968, America would become an affluent society with a rich popular culture that influenced other parts of the globe (87). America’s cultural influence in other continents was recognized well in the 1960s. In 1989, globalization became a reality a factor that saw the United States culture penetrating to multiple regions of the globe. After 2001, America’s contribution to fighting terror and its participation in the nuclear weapons debate has redefined global politics.
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