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Evidence Matrix Authors Journal Name/ WGU Library Year of Publication Research Design Sample Size Outcome Variables Measured Level (I–III) Quality (A, B, C) Results/Author’s Suggested Conclusions Bergquist-Beringer, S., Dong, L., He, J., and Dunton, N. The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patent Safety WGU Library 2013 Systematic Review 710,626 patients Rate of Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPU) III B Decrease in HAPUs according to participating hospitals surveyed Gunningberg, L., Sedin, I., Andersson, S., and Pingel, R. International Journal of Nursing Studies WGU Library 2017 Quantitative 216 patients Rate of prevention and reduction of pressure ulcers (PU) II C No change or decrease in preventing and reducing PU; increased staff awareness affecting prevention and incidence of PU Kaur, S., Singh, A., Tewari, M.K., and Kaur, T. Indian Journal of Palliative Care WGU Library 2018 Quantitative 78 patients Rate of bedsores II B Decreased risk of bedsores McInnes, E., Chaboyer, W., Murray, E., Allen, T., and Jones, P. BMC Nursing WGU Library 2014 Qualitative 51 patients Identify amount of present knowledge,  amount provided on pressure injury prevention (PIP) III B High number of patients aware or knowledgeable about PIP, low number of patients were provided with education about PIP Pickham, D., Berte, N., Pihulic, M., Valdez, A., Mayer, B., and Desai, M. International Journal of Nursing 2017 Quantitative 1312 patients Rate of compliance for repositioning with device sensor to prevent HAPUs I B Device sensor improved total time for repositioning compliance and decreased risk for HAPUs Whitty, J.A., McInnes, E., Bucknall T., Webster, J., Gillespie, B.M., Banks, M., and … Chaboyer, W. International Journal of Nursing Studies WGU Library 2017 Quantitative 1600 patients Rate of cost for specific treatment of PU I B Increase in cost because of specific type of care interventions used.