Events and Exhibition in the Digital Age

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A good exhibition creates a vibrant retail environment, which in itself is a unique experience for all kinds of companies especially those in the business-to-business arena and service sectors. This unique thing about an exhibition is that it creates a neutral environment in which buying and selling is a natural process. At exhibitions, business just happens. An exhibition visitor is much more at ease than a customer walking into a store. Visitors at an exhibition or a trade show feel more in control and therefore less pressured or edgy. This is a good mood for them to have when you open up a business dialogue with them.
Firstly, your company gets a chance to sell to hundreds of customers a day. If the product is right, the price offer is attractive, the packaging is enticing then you could close outright orders with full payment/ part down payment. For the sellers, exhibitions are a substantial opportunity to meet new prospects. Whether they close the sale then and there depends on the type of goods or services they offer. However, exhibitions provide the single best opportunity to interact with thousands of prospective customers. This gives the seller a chance to let the prospect know about the products offered, note their responses, find out what they think about the brand/ product, its features, price, quality, standing in the market, how much money they are willing to spend on such a product, the competition. For some product lines, this first-hand information is very important in order to improve their offering in terms of price and other attributes.
Some exhibitions provide you with an opportunity to organize a private audience with prospect customers giving you the opportunity to make a high impact impression on them because you are able to attack all of their senses and they can interact with you and see/touch/feel your products, through demonstrations and trials.
Apart from the marketing angle, Exhibitions also give you a place where you can do some hands-on research, meet and talk to your competitors, potential suppliers, learn about the new developments in your product line. If you have a new idea in the pipeline, exhibitions can be a great place to do some test marketing and find out how the market is going to respond.
Exhibitions provide the companies an opportunity,
1. to sell the products directly to a large number of customers
2. to get a database of prospective customers to follow up
3. to raise awareness of your business in a given geographic location
4. to launch or promote a new product or service
5. to meet existing customers and sell maintenance contracts etc.
6. to meet potential suppliers/partners/agents/distributors
An exhibition is a real opportunity to display the personality of a business.
What’s in it for the visitors/ customers/ general public.
First of all, visitors to exhibitions and events are motivated to attend for their own objectives. They are there on their own accord. Every visitor comes for reason.