Evaluation of Save The Children Website

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The paper describes the website Save The Children ( By analyzing the layout and functionality of the above mentioned website it can be seen as adequate in providing a pleasing interface for the viewer thereof. The landing page provides sufficient navigation options in its top level navigation menu, specifically that of the About Us, Donate, Sponsor, Gifts and so forth. Four main key areas are further highlighted within the main view or so called above the fold, namely that of the Donate Now, Become A Sponsor, Join the Campaign, and Take Action respectively, with the balance of the landing page, and below the fold, providing both the latest news and developments as well as reporting upon the latest results and achievements of the organization and their efforts within this field. Specifically from a functional perspective the site seems adequate enough to enable the site visitor to navigate to any desired area in seeking information about the organization, the efforts within which they are active as well as areas where they, the site visitor, may become involved in.
Specific to the subject of trafficking, and where children are exploited and exposed to this activity, there is no immediate reference provided within any of the main menu items on the landing page. Only upon searching, via the search functionality of the site that trafficking is returned within these search results. Therefore the issue of trafficking is not highlighted and does not seem to be prioritized within this website.