Evaluation of Healthcare Information Systems

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Incidents are usually unplanned occurrences that have consequences in losses such as fatalities or injuries, causing assets damage, types of equipment, surroundings, business failure or the image of a company to its customers (David, House m.d, 15th may 2007). A near miss is an incidence that could have resulted in the mentioned losses. however, the events that result in the incident stop in time before the occurrence of the event. There many ways that can be used to describe an event depending on the investigations and cause of the incident.
The Episode is characterized by a character known as Nate. he is an outgoing but annoying young boy who is a renowned chess player. He was competing in a chess tournament speed. Luckily he manages to win the tournament easily, but sadly, he is overpowered by emotions and began physically assaulting his opponent until the opponent becomes unconscious. He starts complaining of a severe headache, and he is rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, his condition worsens, and he is admitted to hospital (David, House m.d 15th may 2007).
After admission to the hospital, several tests are carried out to diagnose the problem that might have been affecting him. The initial differential diagnosis done on him includes a test of any possibility of parasites, but the test proves to be contrary, brain tumor where magnetic resonance imaging is conducted, and the test was also negative. In addition, toxins and drugs tests were performed, and the toxin screen was negative. Another physician Foreman suggested that the patient is tested for any likelihood of adrenal gland tumor (David, House m.d 15th may 2007). However, House was suspecting that Nate was suffering from cluster headaches. According to House, the patient was to be put on blood thinners and transcranial magnetic stimulation. The quality of medical service offered to Nate was below the expected standards. Therefore, the quality of the services offered to him was low.