Evaluation of an Advertising Agency Apple Company

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The company has used different strategies for advertising, but the main one is the use of advertising campaigns. The company launches an advertising campaign that is meant to last for a certain period. The campaign then chooses the method that it will use depending on the areas that are being targeted. A campaign is usually efficient since it ensures the maximization of resources, unlike a single advertisement that only lasts for a short period before it even reaches some people (Hackley, 2005, 120).The agency also has also worked with the Apple Company where it launched a campaign to advertise iPads. The major objective of the agency was to ensure that, by the end of the given period, all iPads produced by Apple within that period had all been bought. The agency also aimed at raising the demand for the iPads since the demand was unusually low. It also had a goal of attracting customers who were in other places apart from the United States and the UK. This would help to increase the market and also spread the technology used by Apple Company. Other goals of the agency included ensuring that it completed the campaign at the minimum cost possible and that it made maximum profits possible (Butterfield, 1999, 6).The products that were being advertised included the iPad touch model that had been currently produced by Apple. The iPad is a portable electronic gadget that is used for a number of purposes such as storage of documents, storage of music, and even storage of photos. Apple had just introduced the new iPad which could be used at any place since it was portable. The iPad could also be used for other functions such as the reading of newspapers, accessing the internet, and watching movies. The iPad can also store books, maps, and event calendars. Some of the features of the iPad included the fact that it had long battery life, it was portable, and it had mass storage for music and documents. Therefore, the Agency had to specify these features in order to attract customers.