Evaluation and analysis of mission statments

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The industry chosen happens to be hospitality. luxury hotels to be more specific. The three companies chosen are Burj Al Arab, Al Qasr and Shangri-La Hotel (Kotler, 2001). Mission Statement Burj Al Arab To be the most deluxe hotel in the world, with a team of dedicated to provide outstanding personalized services, surpassing expectations of the guests by providing the ultimate Arabian hospitality experience. Al Qasr Can do attitude towards all its guests Shangri-La Hotel To delight the guests every time by developing an engaging experience straight from the heart. Comparison Although there are certain differences in all the three mission statements mentioned above, there is one common factor among all of them. All the three companies have put the customers as the main focal point of the mission statement. Hence while considering the part: for whom exactly the company does it. there are lots of similarities. While considering the fact what the company does. it can be seen the mission statement of Burj Al Arab is the most clear and concise. Also while considering the fact of how a company does it. Burj Al Arab would be ahead of the other three as the hotel has mentioned about providing personalized experience through dedicated and experienced team. Evaluation and Critique The mission statements have been analyzed based on the clarity, scope and consistency. It has also been checked whether it has been able to answer all the three questions discussed before in a clear and concise fashion. The mission statement of Burj Al Arab is very much clear. It talks about the target market segment clearly, about the services to be offered and also about the way the services would be delivered to the customers. One of the most interesting things about the mission statement has been the fact that it mentions about the Arabian Experience. i.e. the organizations looks to introduce the guests to the native cultural heritage. The only criticism could be that the mission statement is a bit too long. But overall, a part of the small issue regarding the length, the statement is very much clear, concise and reflects the values and objectives of the company (Czinzota, Ronkainen, Moffett, Marinova Marinov, 2009) Although just like Burj Al Arab, Al-Qasr is also a very famous hotel. but unlike Burj Al Arab, the later does not have a clear business statement. Although the company talks about ht target market segment, but it does not talk about the way the company looks to provide the services. Hence it is to be said that there is a lot of room for improvement at least in the case of mission statement of Al-Qasr. The mission statement of Shangri-La Hotel is quite good. It is clear and concise. It has put the customers or the guests at the heart of the statement and also it talks about providing services straight from the heart. this would helps the company to develop an emotional relationship with the customers. However, it is believed that there is room for improvement when it comes to describing the way the services would be delivered to the customers. what a company does how does the company do it for whom exactly the company does it Burj Al Arab 5 5 5 Al Qasr 1 1 3 Shangri-La Hotel 4 4 4 Mission Statement of the proposed company The name of the company has been chosen as Arabian Nights. The reasons for such a choice is simply due to the fact that. Arabian night’