Eva Duarte de Peron Evita Feminist Movement in Argentina

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There were various feminist movements that fought for different agendas. There were those who fought for equal education and career opportunities and there were also those who focused on the working conditions for women from the lower class. There were feminist movements who centered on humanitarian causes and those who advocated achieving political and economic rights for the women (Mercer). However, the downside of this was that all the women who lead the said feminist movements are from the upper class, women who did not connect with those in the lower class and asked for their interest to join them in their struggle as equal partners (Mercer).This was the case until Eva Perón stepped into the scene. It was probably because of the fact that she came from the lower class that she was able to effectively draw support from the women of the lower class. Through Eva Perón, the women of the lower class felt as if she knew their concerns and their situation unlike the upper class women who appear to them as if they only care for their own personal interests.The upper class women did not give Perón their attention because of her roots.However, despite being snubbed by the early feminist, Perón’s influence could not be ignored – women who used to ignore the cries of the upper class feminists regarding women’s rights began to involve themselves in politics (Mercer).Eva Perón was born on July 5, 1919 at Los Toldos, Argentina. She was commonly known as Evita as the affectionate for Eva which means our little Eva. She was the youngest of the five children of Juan Duarte.Her family moved to Junin whentheir father died and it was there where she realized that she wanted to be an actress (Morrison).