Europeanization of Islam in European Countries

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These migrations that took place over centuries occurred mainly due to a quest for a better life and better living conditions. However, some of these migrations were under forced conditions, owing to various tribal, sectarian, or familial conflicts. and sometimes also due to political unrest in the country of origin. The first prominent Muslim immigrants were those that settled in Spain, during eight century AD. Along with such migrations, there was also the transfer of science, arts, literature, and various important literary transcripts also found their way from the Arabian Peninsula to the Iberian Peninsula and soon spread to other parts of Europe. Thus, there was a transfer of knowledge and culture, and soon the host and the immigrant communities started influencing each other. Today after more 1500 years of migration and settlement, Islam has become an integral part of the demographical, traditional and cultural landscape of Europe. They are no longer guests who will go back home, buthave become Europeans following the Islamic faith. and with Islam becoming the second largest religious community in Europe within the last 50 years, this religion can longer be overlooked or sidelined.The first generation of the Muslim immigrants remained more close to their home upbringing and thus their Islam was more relevant to their home culture. However, the later generations after years of being born and bred in the European continent, now have two distinct lineages to maintain, one is the old traditions and culture of their grandparents and the other is the local culture of Europe. In the recent years it has been seen that in spite of protests from the conservative Muslim circles, there has been a move to create an Islamic religion which is more adapted to the European way of life. This has been done with the express aim to amalgamate Islam and Europe more closely so that the former can show its strength to adapt and flourish in its adopted country like it has done previously in Africa or Asia.