Etihad airways

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DRAFT Marketing in Etihad Airways Introduction In this paper, I am going to talk about an airline company in the UAE, which is Etihad Airways. I will also enumerate its strategies such as marketing and the financial strategies. Etihad Airways Company holds the distinction of becoming the fastest growing airline company in commercial aviation worldwide after recording a rapid growth within a period of 8 years. It is also considered as the leading airline service provider in the UAE since its establishment in Abu Dhabi. This company has won many key . for example the World Leading Airline’-Award_ in 2009 by the World Travel Awards. Other examples are the-,_- ‘Best Long Haul-Airlines in the 2010 Business Travels Awards and the Best Marketing-Strategy in the Middle East Business Achievement Award. The company has essentially covered a wider market within the short period of time. The Strategies of Etihad AirwaysEtihad Airways has effective marketing mixing strategies that comprise of short-term policies and the long term objectives. The company’s short term strategies are increasing costs while increasing yield as well as maintaining customer value throughout and starting a status quo development of providing luxury at the least cost. Long term strategies are aimed at increasing profits by more than 5-10%, increasing customer value by 8-10% by the end of 2015 and increasing the number of staffs by 15% as well as increasing inbound holidays to Abu Dhabi by 2030. Etihad Airways segregates its services in Etihad Diamond first class and Etihad pearl Business class which is integrated with actual staff provision and the multi-cuisine availability on board. The augmentation and differentiation of the services provided by the airline company gives it maximum competitive advantage over other competitors such as Emirates Airlines, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, and Qatar airways (Travel and Tourism News Middle East 2013, n.p).Etihad Airways has an advantage in Abu Dhabi since it is the center of tourism attraction and therefore the company has chauffer service in Abu Dhabi airport and many other airports for the first class and business class passengers. The company also uses another marketing strategy of providing 24 hour departure facilities which is different from other companies and an early hour arrival which is only unique and identifiable with the company. Furthermore, the company uses market penetration pricing strategy that is intended to increase its market share through delivering same services at same price as compared to other competitors. The company has well trained staffs which gives it high prospects particularly in its luxurious segments which made it notch very high in customer benchmarking. The company has had bundled pricing efforts accompanied with automatic update facilities with regard to offers and any other important communication which has been very essential in sales promotion thus aiding in market penetration. The company also takes part in travel and tourism events where they do direct marketing and further sponsoring huge amounts of money in great events such as Ferrari F1 and Manchester city football club (Travel and Tourism News Middle East 2013, n.p). Etihad Airways launched a new global brand advertising campaign with a television commercial (TVC) themed The World Is Our Home, You Are Our Guest which reinforces the airlines guest proposition and explains how Etihad Airways draws inspiration from around the world to provide industry-leading signature moments on the ground and in the air (Travel and Tourism News Middle East 2013, n.p). This was the first branding exercise which shows onboard service with lifestyle scenes from international destinations thus benchmarking itself against best-in-class hospitality establishments rather than other airlines. The company has also partnered with some airline companies that have enabled our sustained growth via reputable and valued global brands.Conclusively, it is apparent that the effective market mixing and hard work has catapulted Etihad Airways to a greater level in the airline industry. The company has strived to do the most unique things in the airline industry such as its global branding and other promotional strategies that are very efficient and rewarding. It is very clear that the company has always strived to put the plight of her customers ahead of every other thing by ensuring their maximum satisfaction by understanding the competitive nature of the industry. Etihad Airways has equipped every resource they have such as employees in ensuring they occupy a better place in the market especially the luxurious segments which made it notch very high in customer benchmarking. It is worth noting that every dollar spent wisely will automatically bring a positive change in the company’s life. ReferencesTravel and Tourism news Middle East 2013, ‘Etihad Airways welcomes the world’, retrieved 28 June 2013, .Etihad Airways 2013, retrieved 28 June 2013, .