Ethnography and ethnographic report (ethnomusicology)

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The reflection which is created in society is one which is based on several expressions that are associated with the culture. When looking at the context of rock music, it can be seen that there are specific associations with the trends of the music, as well as how the culture relates to the ideals of the music. The rock genre becomes a reflection of the social and cultural ideologies and identity of an individual. For collective groups, it is this genre that provides a sense of social worth to specific groups and provides an understanding of where one fits in with a specific identity. This piece of field work will examine the aspects of rock music and how it creates an identity for those that fit into a segment of society. The association with rock music is one which is expressed within various groups and interactive areas. The ability to create social worth is directly linked to the expression of rock music and the applications that are within society. Currently, youth have created global structures that create the identity as an institutional structure (Kjeldgaard, 2006). This means that there are several formations of generalized areas where youth meet to show the social worth and identity while moving through structures that don’t have the boundaries of locality. … se of the online region will show how rock music isn’t about locality among youth, but instead is creating a sense of global worth that is growing within the society. Results of Data The first rock artist which was considered was Dave Matthews, an international musician that continues to perform and release CDs for the youth crowd. A fan base for the band was considered, as well as a forum which was attached to the band. The most popular topics that were on this site included Dave Matthew tickets, an autographed poster by Dave and Leroi, performance discussions and a download of Crash Into Me, one of the most popular songs of the band (MFC, 2011). There was also an interview conducted with one of the top individuals who was interacting on the site, which included questions on why they were interested in the band. The first questions were based on the ability to perform by the band as well as the easy to remember tunes. However, after asking why the tunes could easily be remembered, the individual stated that there was a personal connection made with the themes of the song that related to their life. The second site considered was not based on the popular genres of rock, but instead moved into what is considered underground rock and indie rock. This is produced by artists which don’t have a record contract and which build their fan base through grass roots efforts in their community. The focus of this particular site is to show videos, performances and the live options of the bands so others can connect to them. The network also consists of spreading the name of the indie artists so they can receive assistance in gaining a stronger reputation on a global level (Underground Rock Music, 2011). To find the most relevant indie artists, the social networking