Ethics and cultural differences

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Ethics With the fast development of globalization the cultural differences became one of the most widely discussed themes. People appear in other countries and usually go through cultural shock because of various differences they see there. People differ in terms of their behavior and the attitude towards different things. Such differences can be met not only between the representatives of developing and developed countries. There are also many cultural differences between the United States and Europe. For instance, in Europe men should hold the door for women, this is a rule that should be followed. In the United States there is no such rule and if a man holds the door for a woman she should thank him. This difference between two developed regions can be explained by the activity of feminists in the United States who tried to make women and men as equal as possible, thus some ethical rules changed (Sorrells, 2013).Certainly, the best way to gather information about cultural differences is to communicate directly with the representatives of other countries in non-official atmosphere and learn about their life. However, we often meet such people namely in official atmosphere, thus it is necessary to learn about their ethics beforehand in order to be prepared and not to appear in confusing situation. Thus, it is essential to learn some material from books or journals that will help understand the principles of communication on other countries. This will be helpful and the representatives of other states will appreciate that.ReferencesSorrels, Kathryn. (2013).Intercultural Communication: Globalization and Social Justice. Los Angeles: Sage