Ethics and corporate social responsibility

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In this case, the company upholds a high level of responsibility to public and employees (Coca-Cola Company, 36). The other part focuses on offering the responsibility of employees to the company. in fact, this involves the scope of Code of Ethics that is applicable to managers and employees in the company and subsidiaries. There are orientation meetings that are held in every two years, where information regarding this Code of Ethics is offered to employees and they are expected to sign. Personal commitment of CEO to high standards of ethics Coca-Cola Company’s CEO has a high commitment to standards of ethics, whereby they are considered to be representatives of the company through their honesty, and consistency in every condition. In this case, CEO has a commitment of guiding employees in order to facilitate compliance to the Code of Ethics (Coca-Cola Company, 36). The CEO has the mandate of ensuring that managers in various departments, especially Human Resource department. Audits to ensure compliance with code Coca-Cola Company has an Internal Audit Department, which focuses on monitoring the operations and behaviors, which entail specified those that are stipulated in the Code of Ethics. thus, these audits are conducted regally in the organization annually (Coca-Cola Company, 36). Clear and logical consequences for failure to follow the code The Company has clear and logical implications of failing to comply with this Code of Ethics, whereby employees are subjected to penalties due to their misbehaviors. Moreover, there is detailed information concerning the process of punishment and it is entailed in the Code, and reviews of this Code of Ethics, which leads to necessity of making relevant alterations depending on stakeholders’ expectations. Environmental Stewardship Detailed assessment of the company’s environmental impact Coca-Cola Company has focus on being compliant with standards involves in operations that relate to supply chain, distribution channel and disposal of obsolete or broken products. In this case, this company is highly involved in recycling of bottles. in fact, this is a manifestation of their environmental stewardship (Coca-Cola Company, 50). On the other hand, obsolete products are disposed appropriately to avoid environmental pollution, besides most of these products are used to manufacture new products. Clear goals for improvement in each impact area The company has a goal of being complaint with provisions of legislation regarding the environment. In order to improve their impact area, the Company establishes procedures that facilitate employee compliance (Coca-Cola Company, 51). Therefore, the company established an obligation of their employees, whereby they are expected to comply with procedures and polices associated with environmental protection. Moreover, they are expected to give reports regarding any case of breaches to their managers and supervisors. Internal audits to ensure improvements There are regular internal audits aimed at ensuring improvements through adaptation of objectives and principles. Therefore, continuous improvements involve activities that accomplish these objectives in regard to environment (Coca-Cola