Ethical legal and social responsibility issues that your topic raises

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It is usually hard to choose whether to apply these unethical conditions because despite the challenges they face, it can be beneficial to the organization. It can lead to lower variable costs and increase in company profits. It is very important that executive members of organizations such as senior managers and supervisors equip themselves with ethical knowledge and skills. These would come handy when they face ethical dilemma on whether to use appropriate employee working conditions or not (Crowther, 43).
When deciding on whether to change the current working conditions, it is important to research if the issue is serious and if it harms stakeholders of the organization. These stakeholders include employees, families of employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the society that neighbors the organization. Some of the issues such as hiring fewer employees are small problems that can be sort out internally. Large issues such as massive pay cut of employee salaries or exposing employees to health hazards put the reputation of the organization down. If the issue is very serious, junior managers should take it upon their responsibility to pass it to a senior manager or any officer with a high authority.
It takes great courage when it comes to managers voicing personal values on ethical issues of employee working conditions. Not every organization executive share the same beliefs and values, but understanding and knowing ones values puts them at an advantage when dealing with ethical dilemma that may arise in the organization.
Several steps should be considered before organizations change their employee working conditions. First, it should ask itself how it feels about the particular issue. It should then have its intentions to be for the greater good .Next. the organization should evaluate and consider its power in the specific industry that it carries its operations. After this, the organization can then weigh the risk and benefits of its action.