Ethical and Socially Responsive Business

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This enables the restaurant to maintain high social and ethical standards in the society where it carries out its business. This implies the restaurant must be accountable for the negative effects of its operations on the government, suppliers, consumers, the civil rights groups and churches within a given jurisdiction. The restaurant is committed to safeguarding the environment from pollution from its own business. Moreover, it has embarked on the creation of good social relations with the society around its location in order to gain an understanding and gather information on the impact of the restaurant’s activities on the social environment (Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc, 2). This restaurant is known to incorporate its stakeholders in the decision making process. This gives the community a chance to give a credible contribution with regard to the restaurant’s social responsibility. Social responsibility has enabled the restaurant to have strong influence within its locality given its participation in provision of externalities to the society. The restaurant code of conduct with regard to insider information applies to its business. The activities of this restaurant are many given its competitive advantage as a food industry leader. The entity receives credit from various customers but insider information must be kept the restaurant’s secret all the time. This enables the restaurant to access financial aid. Moreover, this serves as a sales and marketing technique because a financially stable enterprise is considered favorable when its success strategies are not exposed. According to Carroll and Ann, compliance to the safeguarding of insider information requirement contributes in the market liberalization hence enabling the consumers to make informed decisions (38). It is involved in the handling of consumer issues. This has made many consumers and other stakeholders to identify with the restaurant hence outstanding performance in the selling of its foodstuffs. Moreover, the code of conduct pertaining to harassment and sexual abuse of women ensures that women are protected and appreciated hence female customers of Chipotle restaurant have increased. This has increased the overall returns of the restaurant (Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc, 2). The anti-discrimination regulation anchored in the code is also relevant in the running of this restaurant. This offers the customers protection against any intimidation based on race or tribe hence increasing the restaurant revenue. Hancock asserts that anti-discrimination gives the stakeholders of the restaurant concerned an assurance of the safety of their resources (67). The requirement of the code pertaining to sexual harassment also boosts the customer relationship within the restaurant given that women feel more secure and accommodated. This boosts the revenue because of the influx of many ladies into the restaurant. Integrity is another aspect which is vital in the restaurant. This aspect has a high correlation to thrive in the restaurant business. The workforce must act in utmost good faith at all times in order to realize favorable performance results at the end of the financial period of the restaurant. The management also must exhibit transparency and good stewardship of the economic resources entrusted to them by the stakeholders. According to Carroll and Ann compliance to this requirement results in productivity and