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⁞ Essay Writing TipsChoose either Topic 1,Topic 2, or Topic 3. To answer these topics completely, it takes a minimum of 350 words. Use the topic questions and the scoring rubric to see if your draft responds fully to all parts of the question. A complete thoughtful answer is more important than word count.⁞ Topics for your Essay, Choose oneTopic 1:Respond toThe Moral Dilemma of Climate Changeat the top of page 440. Should we pay now to try and rein in global warming and its awful effects, or should we let our kids pay? Do we have moral obligations to future generations, to people who don’t yet exist? If we do have obligations to them, how much should we sacrifice now to do our duty?ORTopic 2:Explain and defend your views on the following:Is there anything wrong in offering unauthorized immigrants “a path to citizenship”? Should children brought into a country illegally ever be deported?.ORTopic 3:Respond toSinger or Hardinat the top of page 829. What would be the proper moral response of rich nations to this impending tragedy? Do you favor Garrett Hardin’s approach in which rich countries would not send food aid? Or Peter Singer’s path in which affluent individuals would be obligated to give much of their wealth to feed the hungry? Or a middle way in which the rich would have a duty to give some aid but would also have obligations to themselves and to their family and friends? Explain your view.Posted: an hour agoDue: 25/04/2020Budget: $15Tags: HomeworkAnswers 0Bids 110MusyokionesMiss DeannaDr CloverMadem_JenniferEARNESTWRITERabdul_rehman_Amanda SmithAleena Sheikhhassan0906Asad UllahGuruu MathEssays GuruBridget YoungPROVEN QUALITY Rosie Septemberuniversity workAgher EditorRihAN_MendozaRanchoddas Chanchad PhDElprofessoriMathStat GeniusMalik TutorPROF. ANNWIZARD_KIMStano 001Master WorkerBrainy BrianDexterMastersrunge-kutta acersmart-tutorprofessor mitchUltimate GEEKProff work phd Emily MichaelUNDISPUTED GEEKPROF_TOMMYUrgent TutorCatherine Owensbrilliant answersProf.MacQueenTutor Cyrus Kenmichael smithPaula HogAngelina MayJOHN JUNIOR001Michelle OwensEva GreenProf James KelvinProf BerryDr shamille ClaraChrisProfDr WillymartinsRESPECT WRITERbennetsandovawork solutionsNursing_MissKATHERINE BECKSDr_Hakuna_MatataDrNicNgaoHomework ProRELIABLE PAPERSWendy LewisPhd christineJenny BoomCotton CandyMiss Professorwizard kimAshley Ellie kim woodsprof avrilResearchGuru555Emily ClareRey writerTerry RobertsANN HARRISSaburBTutorJoeKimExpert AhmedAdrian MonroeAbdullah Anwarjuliusmu33JudithTutorfirstclass tutorSaad FahimA-Grade Writermadam-professorphyllis youngMichelle Lewis PhdJen Tech1Senior Advanced WriterMadam JosephineJessica LuisPROFJUMAAAQuickly answer suniyaziaMiss Lily J.Tutor-paulaMiss_AqsaGuruWriter24Amelia IrisEssayProfessorAmerican Academic Writer 1The KnightEUROPEAN WRITERkatty_julietperfect hamzaHELPER WRITERqualitywork51827Research GeniusHawks EyeOther questions 10Mastering Chemistry HomeworkAre there communication issues with the overuse of fm radio signals?Understanding how to properly value a vanilla bond is essential for finance. Add the criteria of long-term debt do assets to ensure the company has debt. Add the criteria of dividends per share. MGT431 Development and Training Paper Week 3 Team PaperAssignment 1: Product PackagingCritique your employer's method(s) for granting pay raises. 6 pagesETH 125 homeworkGeometry HW – Q 1- 12, and question # 16 – Need in 8 HOURS MAX!!What is Socially or Culturally Deemed “Normal”?Rated 1 timesPHI2604-PhilosophyChoose either Topic 1,Topic 2, or Topic 3. To answer these topics completely, it takes a minimum of 350 words. Use the topic questions and the scoring rubric to see if your draft …25/04/202015english