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For your final, 1) please do a write-up summarizing your investigation of two companies, organizations,CEOs , military commanders, etc., of your choosing who you feel made responsible choices during the crisis we face together, today. Describe what they did, and if possible, what that commitment required in terms of money, time, risk etc. What do you feel the outcome will be of their efforts in terms of the future of these responsible organizations?2) Please also examine one industry, firm, organization, or CEO who did NOT make the most responsible decisions during this crisis in your opinion. Explore possible reasons for the irresponsible behavior. Was this an accident? Intentional? What do you think the basis was for the irresponsibility – greed, ignorance, or some other reason?Length requirements: None, but be thoughtful.How to find information: Check news sources; choose them carefully. Let your curiousity guide you. By now you are aware of the many ways that organizations can operate under the radar for their own purposes. Dig as deeply as you can.12/05/202010businessfinance