Escape from the Western Diet

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To emphasize the pending concern, Pollan explains the factors influencing the western diet factors to evaluate what Americans believe they should be consuming. All the underlying factors include experts applying the theories related to nutarianism, whereby the American food industry in support of the theory is motivated to make products. Moreover, health companies make medications that are meant to support these theories.Generally, Pollan feels that it is essential for citizens to escape this form of diet. Apart from that, Pollan stresses that the idea of consuming American food should be deleted from people’s heads since it is harmful to their health. Pollan provides his guidelines that are essential for avoiding the western diet, including the notion of nutritionism that has been created by scientists. With that being said, Pollan stresses that these theories from scientists related to nutritionism focus on personal nutrients instead of focussing on food in general.Pollan continues to refute his claims by correlating that the theories and theories contradict each other. Pollan concentrates on the scientists who blame the health issues and the problems of micronutrition. These are not the same scientists that view sugar-soaked nutrition diet as a significant influencer of metabolic signs and symptoms. Based on the assumption, Pollas focuses on putting his point across since these theories are a standard definition of western illnesses. According to Pollan, food experts can conclude anything they feel like concerning the techniques behind this sensation. However, whichever theories they make, the remedy will appear to be the same: people should stay away from the western industry diet. In simple language, irrespective of what the food experts conclude about the western illnesses, the most dominant factor of all is the western diet, which should be the viewpoint of the remedy.Moreover, to shed light on the misleading theories from scientists, Pollan proceeds too include how the philosophies are advantageous to the diet industry and the health sector. Pollan is concerned with the community believing in the scientists who provide assumptions meant to develop the diet industry and how people should eat. Novel theories are intended to focus on the introduction of new drugs, including new medications that are arranged to reflect on new theories and nutritional classes.Primarily, Pollan stresses that the health sector is interested in profiting from the theories that have been created around the manufacturing of the drugs about nutritional limitations. Correspondingly, Pollan stresses that the nutrition industry is coming up with novel products to correlated to the introduced theories related to the western diet. Pollan further reminds the readers that it is essential to escape the western diet even if it seems hard to do so since companies are looking forward to benefiting instead of worrying about what people eat.To investigate what categorically differentiates the western industry meals, Pollan compares the recommended nutrition categories and the processed ones. He further mentions that other than getting worried about nutrition, it is essential to stay away from any meals that have been manufactured with more preference to the industrial objective than its intended purpose.Pollan agrees with Scrinis, who also has the same idea of avoiding processed food, but complicates it by stressing that whole meals are taken over by manufacturing processes. Apart from that, Pollan reminds his audience that ignoring the western diet will not be easy. However, he was able to convince his audience that it is possible to find a solution to the food issue. Pollan encourages the people of American to eat the right nutrition and not too much of it. All his regulations and pieces of advice focus on consuming real meals and eating habits that are accepted by society. Pollan stresses that eating plants is what people should consider as the right eating habit.According to the arguments of Pollan, he is against scientists theories about nutritionists. He further brings out what he considers are contradictions and a revolution of the novel theories that define new products. These novel products are stereotyped by Pollan to formulate new medicines. He further informs his audience that the theories are created by the food industry with a significant intention of making profits. The ambition of these health companies is channeled for benefit instead of transforming how, as typical American citizens eat. Apart from that, Pollan stresses to the readers that it is essential to evade the diet due to the evident effects of western illnesses. Pollan provides a remedy on how people can escape consuming American food. Pollan further recommends the best ways to eat using traditional feeding habits.