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In 1997, Auto-by-Tel successfully sold their millionth car over the internet. As well, CommerceNet/Nielsen Media stated that they have attained more than 10 million people on the Web. According to Jupiter research the e-tailing has raised to $37 billion by 2002. Moreover, the e-tailing has also allowed the growth of e-tailware, software tools for producing online catalogs as well as dealing with business associates by performing e-tailing. In this scenario, a new movement is the price assessment sites that are able to rapidly compare prices from a number of dissimilar e-tailers as well as establish a connection between you and them (Schappell, 2000).This report will present a detailed analysis of a company that is specialized in e-retailing of business. This report will present a comprehensive analysis of some of main areas and aspects of the business’s e-retailing enhancement and establishment of more effective strategy for the potential management of business in a much better way. For this report I have chosen Maplin Electronics business. In this scenario, the main idea is about developing an expanded internet shopping capability for Maplin Electronics company website. Business Overview I have selected Maplin Electronics Corporation, which needs to improve its web based business and also create a better opportunity for the possible expansion in overall business and working arrangements. Maplin Electronics is one of the UK’s major corporate retailers of consumer electronics. Maplin Electronics business comprises a complete national network of 185 stores those are the main goldmine of valuable consumer technologies and gadgets. Maplin Electronics offers a variety of products including communication, cables, computing, components, music, home car, power, TV Satellite systems also Sat Navigational tools (Maplin Electronics2, 2011). In addition, Maplin Electronics is specialized in consumer electronics areas. Maplin Electronics is proud to present the most excellent and the majority informed customer recommendations on the high street. Additionally, the business encompasses a huge team of over 2,000 customer service support officers that facilitate thousands of customers to make informed selections regarding technology purchases each and every day. from technology fans to the entire novices. Moreover, this business was initiated by two technology devotees in 1972 who were irritated by the lack of high-quality electronics products and components. Soon after the establishment of the business the Maplin Electronics rapidly turned out to be the experts’ preference, with a standing for the most excellent product variety and skills. In fact, Maplin Electronics Corporation has developed with high speed since launching over 30 years ago, its standing as the United Kingdom’s simply true experts in consumer electronics is yet at the heart of Maplin Electronics nowadays (Maplin Electronics2, 2011). Furthermore, Maplin Electronics Corporation allows its customers to buy products from more than 185 stores located in United Kingdom and Ireland. Maplin Electronics also allows its custom