EPayment Systems

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The Internet is as well-positioned as one of the most excellent business tools nowadays. Approximately the entire households have the facility of the Internet. but previous to people attach to the net, they require being aware of its advantages and disadvantages. This technology-based transform has changed the way business cash transactions. Now we have internet banking, mobile cash transfer, and other ways of online case and payment. The internet is growing as the most important technology area for electronic commerce. Equally essential, Internet technology is being more and more functional to smooth the advancement of the management of the rest of the business publishing employee personnel policies and strategies, analyzing account balances and production plans, setting up plant repairs and upholding, and modernizing design documents. Organizations are getting the benefit from the connectivity and ease of use of internet technology to turn out internal commercial networks acknowledged as intranets that are developed on the basis of internet technology. Making use of these classified intranets for organizational communication, group exertion, and management is imminent. We make use of the phrase electronic business to make a distinction among these uses of the internet of digital technology for the management and bringing together the other business activities from electronic commerce. By giving out information through electronic networks, electronic business enlarges the reach of on hand management. Managers use email, web documents, and workgroup software to productively communicate on a regular basis with thousands of employees, and even to administer remote assignments and teams. These jobs would be impracticable in contradictory traditional organizations (Laudon and Laudon, p.25).&nbsp.

This research is about the E-Payment Systems. The main aim of this research is to elaborate on the concept of E-Payment Systems, its emergence, types, benefits, and potential threats.