Environmental Management and Assessment

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Several categories of environmental standards are now regarded as representative of safe EMS options. However, at the global level, ISO 140001 is considered the most efficient and reputed and is highly acceptable by the majority. Established in the year 1996, the ISO14000 series ofThe effectiveness of existing EMS in the said company would be examined under this study. EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is also considered as most reputed one for EMS specifications at the European level (M.S.Wenk, 2005). This was introduced by a European Union council regulation (No.1836/93), making it mandatory in implementation in all European Union Member States. Though it is mandatory in all EU Countries, at present, it is a voluntary scheme for individual companies.The main objective of the present study is to prioritize a programme of environmental action designed to protect, and to continuously improve, its environmental performance. All of the EMS standards stress the need for continuous, never-ending, improvement in striving to protect the environment, by reducing the extent and magnitude of environmental pollution. In nutshell, the aim of the EMS standards is to provide a safe environment for our future generations and in that process facilitate sustainable development.The present essay describes the status of business activities and environmental management systems in Alcan Smelting and Power Ltd., The United Kingdom. It also discusses the main management systems like energy, water quality management etc. for its effective management of the environment in the future. It also provides vital information on recommendations for Alcan Smelting and Power Ltd., The United Kingdom for best EMS in future.This is a major giant in aluminum production. It also supplies bauxite, alumina and engineered and packaged products at the global level. Alcan Ltd.has some 68,000 employees, including its joint ventures, in61 countries and regions.With its head office in Montreal, Canada, Alcan is a public company traded on the Toronto, New York, London, Paris and Swiss stock exchanges with 2006 revenues of $23.6 billion.