Environmental Issues and Volunteer Activity

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As an environmental science, I realized that most of the environmental issues affecting our ecosystem today are as a result of people trying to find suitable solutions that are short term to improve their environment. Consideration is not given to the long term. I thought it could be wise enough when attempts are focused on long term solution to these environmental issues to ensure a safe and accommodative environment for each and every one of us. The fewer fortunes are not favored by the advanced technology as a way of providing a suitable environment as it does to the well to do families. For this reason, continued pollution of an environment aims at altering the environment that in turn expose them hazardous conditions. The idea of offering a service to the fewer fortunes struck my mind when I attended the mosque for the prayer service. It was their idea and I thought it could be of extreme importance to the fewer fortunes when implemented. The job was the door to door walk with the aim of collecting clothings and bedding from the neighborhood. I was unable to meet the deadline during my first attempt just because I felt ill. Later, I did my inquiry about the location and the name of the local shelter where I could deliver my collections. Fortunately, my inquiry was fruitful. Thereafter, I walked out for the collection from friends and neighbors. I managed to collect several bags of blankets and sleeping bags and approximately three large bags of coats and clothing which I delivered the local shelter. I felt comfortable doing the job and I will not hesitate to do it or the activity of a similar kind once again.