Environmental Impact of Balfour Beatty Company

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Considering the nature of activities carried out by this company such as infrastructure development and investment, and construction services, it contributes a lot towards environmental destruction. The three main negative environmental impacts contributed by this company include pollution, human and animal population displacement and destruction of natural habitat (COUNCIL OF EUROPE PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY 2002). Pollution is the release of harmful substances to the environment which may be in different forms such as air, water, radioactive materials, soil, heat, and light. Emission of gaseous waste to the atmosphere has been caused by this company as a result of the fleet of cars owned by this company which emits carbon waste and sulfur compounds to the environment. These are as a result of the various new cars which are constantly on the roads to the construction sites. It is an estimated fact that most air pollution is caused by car emissions. Another way of increased carbon into the atmosphere by the company are the many construction plans which are distributed in the 80 countries, these industries release their waste to the atmosphere, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide. The lethal effects of carbon dioxide include the formation of smog which blocks sunlight from reaching the earth’s surface. This prevents the process of photosynthesis from taking place in plants, resulting in wilting. The destruction of the natural forest is a great worldwide concern as its effects lead to dire consequences (COUNCIL OF EUROPE PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY 2002). Such emissions have contributed to global warming and formation of acid rain due to increased carbon levels in the atmosphere.