Environmental Factors Influencing SpaceX

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The company has expertise in designing, manufacturing and subsequently launching highly developed and technologically advanced rockets and spacecraft. Ever since its establishment the company has maintained its mission of revolutionizing the transportation of space which will eventually facilitate people to survive on other planets as well. In recent times the company is bringing a competitive edge to space transportation and technology with the help of Dragon Spacecraft and Falcon Launch Vehicles (SPACEX: COMPANY OVERVIEW, 2013).In the current period due to the immense competition and significant advancement in technology, companies cannot survive solely on the basis of their profit margins and sufficient sustainability. Therefore today companies are focusing more on long term sustainability which requires them to control the environmental factors influencing the organization. Companies that are directly dealing with the atmosphere and environment such as SpaceX need to manage the environmental factors more effectively and efficiently than any other company operating in other business sectors. Environmental factors influencing the business activities are largely divided into two groups, i.e. internal environmental factors and external environmental factors.Internal Environmental Factors: These include employee relations, internal conflicts, leadership and the role of management to enhance the productivity of employees. This is commonly known as corporative environmentalism in which managers and key executives play the most significant role. They are responsible for the negotiations related to business dealings, acceptance or rejection of proposals, executing the strategies and handling conflicts. This indicates that if the managers and leaders of SpaceX are unable to perform their duties with integrity then it poses serious challenges for the overall organization which might lead it to some business loss and lack of future sustainability (CHERRIER, 2012).