Environmental Activities of Adecco

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The individual activities that are highlighted in the Appendix are detailed in the report along with the level of disclosure. The methodology indicates the process employed to elaborate on the environmental activities and how the data are collected. The section, analysis of the results, depicts the comparative evaluation of data obtained in the last two years. The analysis is followed by a general discussion regarding the environmental activities that are undertaken by the companies. The general discussion is based on the activities that are disclosed by the selected company. This part of the report is prepared with the help of academic literature that is provided by different authors regarding the disclosed topic. The recommendations are provided based on the research and conclusion, which is a good source of information for further researches.
The methodology includes the methods and principles that are employed in collecting information regarding the environmental activities of Arcelor Mittal (AM). The information pertaining to the different disclosures of environmental activities are gathered from the company website. The company website gave a brief view of the activities. however, the annual reports played an important role in providing all the information. The general information regarding environmental activities is extracted from different websites, which are a rich source for providing a piece of in-depth knowledge about the topics.