Entrepreneur Interview and Personal Analysis

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Establishing a new business venture is often seen as a challenge by many aspiring entrepreneurs hence there is a need for outstanding ideas in order to appeal to the interests of the potential customers. Mr Jones said that he carefully scanned the market for an opportunity and he gathered as much information and ideas as possible to come up with an ideal business venture. Therefore, the rationale of the interview questions to the interviewee is to solicit for responses about his preparedness and willingness to accept the risk and uncertainties for the success of the new venture. As noted, entrepreneurship is about building something of recognised value around perceived opportunities which implies that innovation is something the entrepreneur is continually doing (Burke, 2006). Innovation is concerned with finding a unique way of offering a particular service or product to the market while utilising resources in such a way that there are likely risks to be encountered since the targeted customers may not readily accept the offering. In this particular case, the interview questions have been designed in such a way that Mr Jones would clearly spell the strategies he implements in his business venture for it to flourish. There are certain obstacles that are likely to be encountered during the process of establishing a new business venture and this is the reason why such questions have been designed in such a way. Establishing a business venture is a twofold process which requires the entrepreneur to gather information about the customers’ perceptions of his ideas before launching it. In deciding the scope of his business, Mr Jones pointed out that there were some pull factors that compelled him to try the untested market segment he had realised. Thus, the concept of push factor in business is referred to those influences which can push the individuals towards venturing in a business opportunity that exists in the market which is not fully covered by the other players (Burke, 2007). Therefore, the purpose of the interview was to get a clear understanding of how Mr Jones identified this gap in the market and how he came up with the idea of establishing this business venture. This entrepreneur is proud of his success in the carpet cleaning business which he started a couple of years ago. Evaluation of the entrepreneur A critical evaluation of the attitude of Mr Jones shows that he possesses various entrepreneurial skills which can be attributed to his success. First and foremost, it can be noted that this entrepreneur created his carpet cleaning business enterprise after realising the need in the market for this particular service given that the targeted customers could not employ people to do the job for them on a permanent basis but had to rely on services provided by others ate a substantial cost.