Enterprise RentACar

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Avis and Hertz have been the major competitors of Enterprise in the car hire industry in the United States. However,they have majored on airport business. In 2002 hertz was the number one airport car rental brand in the United States followed by Avis (Kellogg school of Management, 9). At this time, enterprise was involved largely in local rental market and was rated top in this sector. Due to customer demand enterprise started airport business in 2002 and up to 2012 there have been ranked top seven years consecutively and thus expressing the command of the company in the industry. I would recommend the other companies to replicate them to match their success. However, they would need to implement the strategies used by Enterprise.
Zipcarwas the first car sharing service provider and it dominated the market making super-normal profits before other companies such as Hertz and Enterprise joined .The reliability of this system has brought high competition in the industry . This has led to a drift of customers from car hiring and leasing to car sharing and thus reducing profits of Enterprise. They need to work go an extra mile and market themselves in car sharing or even introduce a better service than this. The growth and popularity of Zipcar is likely to reduce the profits of Enterprise since most universities and corporations have adopted this style of transport to ease traffic congestion and to reduce on costs of leasing and car maintenance.