Ensuring Gender Equality in the EU

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This roadmap for this gender equality has set six top priority areas to be implemented. These six priority areas are:Based on these priority areas, the EU set to implement a roadmap to achieve wider means to strike a balance between the roles of women and men within the society. However, though the roadmap carries excellent prospects however there are also opportunities as well as challenges which regulators within the EU will face to successfully implement the roadmap. One more important issue which may also come up is how successfully the EU meets those challenges. The following will discuss the opportunities and obstacles that roadmap for the equality of men and women may face.This essay will look into some of the opportunities and obstacles involved in the process of implementing the roadmap. However, before discussing these issues, it is very important that a historical analysis of the issue must be taken to set the stage for discussing the roadmap.While deciding upon rolling in the road map for gender equality. The purpose of this roadmap was to drive forward the gender equality in the region. Essentially building on the Framework Strategy for equality between women and men, this roadmap takes this framework and further re-enforces the proposed guidelines and recommendations put forward in the Framework Strategy. Building on the Framework, the roadmap for the equality between men and women set six priority areas and set other objectives and goals besides suggesting some key actions for creating gender equality in the region.The roadmap defines some existing areas and proposes other completely new areas of action. A total of six priority areas have been selected: equal economic independence for women and men, reconciliation of private and professional life, equal representation in decision-making, eradication of all forms of gender-based violence, elimination of gender stereotypes, and promotion of gender equality in external and development policies.(Europa, 2006).