English literature paper

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In the business world I have come to realize that the types of positions that pay the most are job position in which a person has responsibility overpeople and in which the one has to demonstrate leadership capabilities. In order to better understand the principles of leadership we must look at one of the first scholar to describe the subject, his name is Nicolas Machiavelli. In this paper we describe some of Nicolas’ leadership principles in order to determine how they could help me become a better leader in the future. A quality of leadership described by Machiavelli in his book Prince is virtue. A prudent leader, however, will be able to anticipate problems long before they actually arise, using virtù to forestall what would otherwise be great difficulties (Kemerling). Machiavelli describes a business principle here which I would utilize as a leader of an organization in the future in order to select among the best alternatives. Machiavelli through virtue is describing the business function known as forecasting. Forecasting involves planning for the future by predicting future outcomes and choosing the best possible option. Virtue is going to provide lots of positive outcomes. By creating a clear understandable path the followers receive adequate instructions on how to proceed. Another quality of leadership describe by Machiavelli is the need for the leader to acquire a good reputation while doing whatever wrong see necessary in the circumstance (Kemerling). According to Machiavelli a good leader must be able to make touch decision and always stand by them. For example in the future as a corporate leader I might have to make some tough decisions, I might be the person responsible for firing 3000 employees. If that is the best business decision that will bring the greater benefit for the company I have to stand by my action and show confidence in front of others when discussing this business move that affected the lives of so many people. Another important principle of management mentioned by Machiavelli is that the ruler will need the assistance of advisors. This principle can be converted in the 21st century as the need to work in team settings. In our society a good leader recognizes he / she can not do the work alone and participation of others is necessary. In our times a good leader also seeks the advice of experts in certain situations to gather better information before making a decision. For example when working on a project a leader may seek advice from an outside consultant in order reassure the group that everything is going as plan or to point out an alternative solution nobody on the team had come up with. It is important to remember that leadership skills must be practiced at all times by the leader. The leader has lead by example at all times and that his presence serves as inspiration for the follower who believes in the leader’s abilities.Works Cited PageKemerling, G. 27 October 2001. Machiavelli: Principality and Republic 2 August 2009.