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CRPJ Inc. ( quot;CRPJquot;} manufactures at its plant in Longueuil, the product P from a variety of
components from suppliers one located in the Montreal metropolitan area, the others in Ontario,
British Columbia and the United States United. The factory capacity is 200 P units per week. The factory manager wants to plan production for the next six weeks. The table below describes
the demand forecast for this period. The first line gives the number of units that CRPJ has
committed to deliver to regular customers. They absorb a significant part of the factory’s
production and ensure its financial stability. Therefore, CRPJ management agrees to respond to
their orders, even if sometimes it incurs a shortfall. The second line indicates the maximum
quantity ofuhjt that CRPJ could sell in addition to orders from regular customers. Demand (in units) of product P weeks 1 2 3 6
orders 154 145
Additionnal T0 T5
demand total 1?? 207 220 Deliveries are made at the end of each week. Units that are not delivered in a given week are
stored at the factory. The factory can keep a maximum of 50 units, the storage cost being
estimated at $ 3 per unit per week. On Monday of week 1, the factory will have 20 units of
product P in stock. Business