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Police Misconduct A topic addressing the misconduct of the police force can be addressed from different points of view, depending on assumptions or the thesis set by a writer. To handle this topic I can claim that most police misconducts occur outside major urban centers.The first point to address in this topic is the extent of police misconduct in the selected regions. In this consideration, I will use available statistics on police misconduct in major urban areas to handle any counter argument. My second point will address factors that promote police misconduct in selected areas. This point will also address why police officer consider areas outside major urban areas as safe havens. I will also address the effects of police misconduct to both the police force and the public. Finally, I will address the future of the police force in relation to the ongoing misconduct. In this juncture, I will tackle possible consequences to the police force and relevant reforms that needs to be made in order to create a balanced police force in the United States.The purpose of this essay will depend on the interest of the reader or audience. Firstly, the essay will be an informative essay. This is because it will inform the public and relevant authorities that, police misconduct is rife despite the cover-up measures taken to conceal information. Secondly, the essay will act as a cause an effect essay since it will analyze factors that promote police misconduct and the resultant consequences (Silverman, 2009). Analyzing the cause and effects of the problem will be aimed at finding solution for the problem. ReferenceSilverman, D. (2009). Doing a Qualitative Research. New York: Sage.