English 200

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The assignment is to be 750-1000 words Perhaps the most important point of taking this class is for you learn how to appreciate literature on your own. Many people come to this class perfectly able to remember what some expert professor said about something. That is fine, but I want you to be able to leave this class able to say something of your own. Literature gives us vicarious experiences and makes our world bigger; it increases our awareness and refines our attitudes, insights and principles.Pick one piece of literature and “appreciate” it. In other words explain to someone you think might be a sympathetic listener why you connect with it. There might be structural components (character, imagery, plot, or other elements of literature), there might be philosophical components, there might be personal components (you identify with it in some important way), or there might be some social component (feminist, psychoanalytic, religious, ethnic, sexuality, post-colonial) that makes this text “mean” something special and significant to you that you can share with someone else.Or you can combine the above or add other elements including creative ones to the mix. I am looking for something with a bit of depth that shows me you have learned and are able to apply what you have learned throughout the semester. You may choose to appreciate something that is outside of the course, but it has to be literature. No non-fiction.15/05/202012english