English 200

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This are the topic that you will work on that poetry.1. Song of Myself 2 by Walt Whitman (1819 – 1892)2. Stopping by Woods on a snowy Evening by Robert Frost (1874-1963)3. Will You Come by Edward Thomas (1878- 1917)Also there is 3 story that you will work on too.1. The Story of Late Mr Elvesham by H.G Wells.2. The Monkeys Paws by W.W Jacobs3. The Tell – Tale- Heart . (Edgar – Allen – Poe)Lastly, The Drama that you will work on is, The Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesslring. NOTE; All this assignment are all power point and it include 3 poems, and 3 story with 1 drama they are all power point , then please and please follow the instruction and include pictures on each slides of the power point. Final Examination PowerPoint PresentationYou are to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for an audience that has never read literature before in their lives. Do not presume that the audience is unintelligent, just that they have not been introduced to the literature on our Reading List. Select 2-3 poems, 2-3 short stories, and 1 play on the respective Reading Lists to use as source material.You should briefly introduce the author and provide some background on the literature (when it was written, where, etc.) then compare and contrast the literary devices and the role they play in creating meaning in each of the literary works selected. Make sure you select one of the three organizational patterns available.You may select two literary devices from the following list of literary devices only: Point of View, Character, Setting, Irony, Imagery, Theme, and Symbolism.Re-read any poems, short stories or plays as needed.Each PowerPoint Presentation must have between 18-30 slides.Make sure that you review the handouts I have provided you in the Pages link about developing the PowerPoint presentations. Remember to make sure that you use 1) an appropriate font style and size; 2) use bullets not complete sentences, unless you are incorporating a direct short quote; 3) select a PowerPoint template that is appealing and legible; 4) incorporate images that are appropriate and from legitimate sites/sources; 5) remember to document your sources for quotes, etc. in the body of the PowerPoint; 6) list your citation using MLA formatting rules on the Works Cited page; and lastly, 7) be creative and develop your own style; 8) the presentation itself should be between 3-5 minutes in length and you should wear business casual attire.Your PowerPoint presentation must include the following slides:a title page slidean introductory slideat least three main point slidesseveral supporting slidesseveral transitional slidesseveral slides with supporting images and textsone conclusion slideone questions slideone (maybe more depending upon your sources) Works Cited slides (with no less than at least 5 citations- print, web, lecture, image)16/05/202020english