Engineering in an economically challenged society

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As a forensic engineer, with my roots from an economically challenged community, I would do everything to ensure that a community gets quality infrastructure. It is quite often to get such communities receiving poor products from contactors assigned to carry out various projects. Taking an example of bridges, an economically challenged community would receive funds from the government or donors to repair or construct new bridges. In the end, the community gets a raw deal from the contractor.
With the hardly enough money that is provided, contractors will not be supervised on the quality of work they will do. As a forensic engineer, I would help the community in Investigating materials, structures, and products which do not or fail to function or provide services as in intended. Such structures can cause damage of property or personal injury. This would be a tragic incident to the community which is struggling to survive on a daily basis. I would help the community in determining the origin and cause of the failure. I would use the information gathered as evidence in pursuing justice.
People in an economically challenged community are often given raw deals. As a result of their low economic potential, they can do nothing about it. With my knowledge broad influence in engineering, I would engage the relevant personalities and stakeholders in helping the community. When engineered products underperform or fail, people are eager in knowing why or what is the cause. As a forensic engineer, I would examine the product or infrastructure and perform various tests. Then follows a research on the conditions under which it was constructed or made. This would help me in reconstructing the chain of events that led to product’s failure. I would use the information in asking for intervention from the law. This would help the community in getting quality services in the future. This will also reduce wastage of resources on repair on the same projects. Resources would be directed on other projects, which will help uplift the economic conditions of the community.