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Revising Literacy Narrative Essay:  This assignment requires you to do serious revision – obvious revision – with emphasis on the introduction, conclusion, and title. See Chapter 15 in Evergreen for more information.Essay description and details: For this revised essay, you will pay special attention to the introduction, conclusion, and title using the lectures and textbook lessons. 1. Revise your Module 1 Literacy Essay using lessons and lectures presented in Module 2. 2. Submit your revised essay in Module 2.3. Complete the essay revision reflection (submitted as a separate assignment in Blackboard). Use these prompts in your reflection. a. What I liked about my essay was _______________________________b. My main point seemed to be __________________________________________c. The hook in my intro was _______________________________d. The part that still needs the most work is ________________________________ e. The title is strong/weak because ___________________________________________________f. The conclusion was strong/weak because ____________________________________________________