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Thurl ReddBrandy Reincke, M.A.ENG 11005/8/2020My history as a writer and a readerReading and writing is something that takes place in our daily lives. Even after we finish learning, we still read and sometimes write at work while sometimes at home. At home we read and write, sometimes we have to write down a grocery list while occasionally we read newspapers. At work, writing and reading serve different purposes; for example, in a business firm, people write memos to pass information in the firm while people read it to get the message being passed. Reading and writing are an integral part of the life of a human, and even though it might seem far-fetched, it may be impossible for humans to survive without either reading or writing. Reading and writing is a culture instituted in humans since childhood. Reading and writing impact differently on people, thus bringing out different experiences.According to my mother, when I was an infant, I was attracted to books with images, especially pop-up books. I tend to believe her one reason being that she does not lie, and another is because I love pop-up books. I like the way images pop out of a book while reading it, creating the image to be so real. Ever since childhood, I believe that I have been inclined more towards reading than towards writing. However, I am quite sure that I can use words creatively and in a manner that is appealing to people’s emotions. For instance, when I was eleven years old, I wrote my mom an essay for her birthday. The essay was a present for her birthday. In the essay, I wrote about what makes her the best mom and woman in the world and why I love her. A lot of family members were moved by the essay. Due to this, when I was thirteen years old, I helped my mom to make Christmas cards for the whole family and family friends too. The best writing that I believe I have ever done was a three-page essay about myself. In the article, I described myself and what I perceive to be my self-identity. When I began, I stated that I am more inclined towards reading than writing. I love reading, especially fantasy novels and novels and books on science fiction. My experience in reading has been both negative and positive. During childhood, some of the things that I remember was that my mother loved reading storybooks for me. In her own words, she says we were reading the storybooks together. The first story that both my mom and I read was Winnie the Pooh. I loved the images in the book, especially those of Winnie. My mom claims that during childhood, I loved books with pictures, especially those that were brightly colored.I started having some nightmares after reading Alice in Wonderland. The Cheshire cat and the queen scared me. I ended up having some nightmares about the two characters and swore not to read again. However, this was short bound because a few days later, we were rereading books with my mom. Another book that again ruined my experience in reading was reading Rapunzel and Scarlet letter. In Rapunzel, I loved the length of her hair, and I would fantasize about having it, then the thought of the wicked with came in and frightened me to my senses. The scarlet letter was the most boring book that I ever read, and this is mostly because I did not understand anything about it and therefore had to read the book more than once but to no avail.My best experiences in reading are when I read to my younger brother some storybooks such as the Elves and the shoemaker. The reading experience was amazing because of the reaction that my small brother made whenever I imitated the voices of different characters in the play, especially that of the wife of the shoemaker.