Ending the Employment Relationship

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iticizing organizations and more importantly this results in the increased turnover rate as employees get demoralized and they get some idea about the up coming in almost every organization they work, retirement is an honorable work, the worker respectfully gets retirement from work and it is also a good sign as if the retirement would not have taken place than the employment cycle would have been disturbed and there would be no new blood in old organization that would have appeared.
"Currently Nepal Bank employs 6,600 people, more than one-third of all those working in the Nepalese financial sector. In 1990 the bank reduced its workforce by 800 people. This was achieved by a combination of voluntary redundancy and early retirement fostered by a generous incentive" (Budhwar, 98: 2001).
In the present casIn the present case it is very clear that the main cause for redundancy and retirement is the willingness of the organization to get compressed so that all the operations can be handled easily, but can organization work more effectively this way Can organization retain the same value or can increase it
The above mentioned are few questions that bring in relation both the employers and employees, these are few serious matters that we have to discuss, it is really unfair with the country to control it this way, on second thought it is also very difficult for the organization to adjust with out people who were previously working for the betterment of the organization.
In the current world women are working more in the society than men, there are good reasons though for eliminating the women from the employment but yet it is unethical, there are being eliminated due to the facts such as they are unable to work with full concentration after marriage and at times they are retired prematurely, in order to get the work done by some new fresh graduate, which is having both positive points to be discussed and negative as well, positive in terms of giving youth a chance to prove itself and negative because of an unfair decision of firing someone if not directly than indirectly through retirement.
Few causes of Redundancy
Martin has defined redundancy in 2000 as "the work for which the employee was employed has ceased or diminished. Here the selection of a particular individual has to be shown to be fair". It shows that the entire process starts from the time the employee is recruited, though it is a long procedure and the organization tries to be as fair as they can in selecting employees, but there is no guarantee that the employee would keep the job, so from this view the redundancy threat starts taking place in the mind of the employee, only a strong bond with the organization can keep