End of World War Two and Collapse of Soviet Communism

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It is said or believed that world war two came to an end due to the surrender of the axis powers of which consisted of Germany and other countries that also fell on that bracket. The allies used all the possible means of ensuring that the war came to an end. The allies managed to outthink the Axis power because they were many and received support from other countries that were economically stable and powerful. Though the Axis power was very much power, the allies managed to out through their power due to the large masses or number of people that they could not manage to control. They also found support from other states that managed to support them by giving them the superior Weapons. There are those powerful countries that had been dormant for several years due to certain restrictions such as the doctrine that governed their states. It is therefore through the broken silence of these countries that the allies got privileged because all these countries turned against the Axis powers and gave the necessary support to the allies.The end of communism dint happen abruptly, it is something that happened slowly and gradually .it took some time and slowly but surely more people in East Europe started hating it and its oppressive nature.The very first cases of the rejection of communism begun in east-central Europe and one by one all those countries from that said region came out of the soviet union. More countries looked at the new set up that Gorbachev had put in place and they didn’t like it.Gorbachev didn’t want to use force anymore lest people criticized him and looked down at what he had achieved.No attempts of bringing back sanity among those countries of central and Eastern Europe happened since they were in charge of their own countries.Gorbachev had no power nor moral authority.