Enabling a Motivated Workforce

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The film has portrayed various events of human resource activities. The first instance is when Chris Gardener was traveling with one of the managers of the company, Dean Witter. Here the manager was impressed with Chris as he was able to solve the Rubik’s Cube within the short ride. this specifically highlights the recruitment and selection process. Another instance foregrounding employee relations was when Chris Gardener entered his office with the unkempt look and in shabby clothes. Here the conversation of Chris with his managers as well as his tactical way of defending himself can be evaluated. The training and development process is stressed during the internship process, where Chris Gardener had to face stiff competition from nineteen other interns. The internship also highlights the compensation policies followed during the late 18th century.
Recruitment and selection process is one of the major components or functions of the human resource department. This basically involves selecting the right person, at the right time, at the right place and for the right job. It involves the identification of organizational needs and fulfilling those needs by selecting the right candidates. The recruitment and selection process is vast and varies across sectors, industries, organizations as well as nations. Selection and recruitment process is an inevitable part of an organization’s HR policy. Firstly, firms need to constantly promote their employees to a higher level and simultaneously fill the vacant positions. Modern day organizations not only require ground level staffs and employees, but also management executives for decision making and strategic planning process (Kelly, et al. 162-165). In the film, the selection process was held outside the company premises and the method of selection was different from the traditional interview process. It can also be said that this was an external recruitment process. This shows a gradual transformation in the interviewing policies and selection strategies. A major challenge of the traditional recruitment and selection procedure is that of over-relying on educational qualification compared to that on attitude.