Employee Improvement at Hotels Com

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It is no more based on comparative prices but consumers look for the overall experience. Customers share views, opinions and suggestion through the social networking sites. The growth potential in the industry is tremendous despite strong competition. These challenges can be overcome by changing its strategy. needs to learn what the customers say about the company and its services. This information can help them in enhancing the customer experience and this information can be collected by linking to social networking sites.
Globalization has made the markets turbulent while the purchasing power in the hands of the people has increased. Technology has changed the way people live, work or search for information. The Internet has made information access quicker, cheaper and easier. The marketers and service providers also benefit as they are able to advertise and even sell their products and services through the internet. Internet today has become a new distribution channel while bringing the customers closer to them. The hospitality industry to has benefited immensely through the use of the internet. Quality service is a major challenge in this millennium. The airlines and the hoteliers are increasingly relying on the internet as a means to reach their products to the customers. At the click of the mouse, it is now possible to book an air seat or reserve a hotel room anywhere across the globe. According to an article by Bavik (2008), “internet creates a faster and better communication, which makes it easy to identify and to target a customer base”. Because of this convenient device companies should try to provide good service by the internet where people like to communicate. is an internet company offering 70,000 properties worldwide ranging from hotels to bed-and-breakfasts to condos to all-inclusive resorts.