Empire of the Wolves (2002)

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This movie is based on a novel by Jean Christophe Grange and tells a story of young idealistic police captain Paul Nerteaux (Jocelyn Quirin) who has just taken over the case of three Turkish women seamstresses in Paris’ Turkish community. Paul decides to get help from retired cop Jean Louis Schiffer (Jean Reno), as he had patrolled the area for over 20 years but is known for his unorthodox methods.
The movie is an investigation about the murders of three women being subjected to an experiment. Though Paul tried to get with Schiffer about the crime he was torn between the judgments of the people about his collaboration on the retired cop who practice the unorthodox way of investigating the crime. Even the doctor in charge of the autopsy has given him warnings about the Schiffer.
The crime was projected in the movie is actually a crime about experimenting with human bodies for new treatment discoveries. It is a form of murder, which is a violation of the law and also a form of violation to medical, or bioethics. What’s so real about this movie is the implementation of the violation of bioethics. In Bioethics, humans should not be part of any technological or any experiments. Experiments should only be limited to a few forms of animals (like mice). In real life, scientists are truly imprisoned and the license is taken from them if they practice experiments with humans just like in this movie where they use surgeries and implants. In real life, so far, there has been no news about scientists totally doing experiments on humans due to the imposed law about ethics. They are only practicing their findings limited to lab rats, sheep, and other animals. This media product though is not far from impossible to happen in the near future. I say it’s a little bit of advancement of science that violates the law. The investigation by the two cops was a mixture of the orthodox and unorthodox way of doing it. It happens, especially when the officers assigned in such cases are of different principles.