Emergency Control Centers

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The issues are. resource management, information acquisition, and priority illustration and setting. The discussion covers three aspects of ECC, location, design, and staffing.ECC can involve temporary facilities. Alternatively the ECC can entail permanently installed facilities in the higher categories of the organization. The ECC is majorly arranged through key functional disciplines and jurisdiction. The functional disciplines include. fire services, medical facilities, and law enforcement. The jurisdiction aspects involve. federal, state, city, county, and regional.There are six key factors that influence the ECC location. The factors are. accessibility, versatility, size, systems capability, safety, and survivability. The accessibility factor determines if the significant staff can get in the ECC facility appropriately within a time frame. The timeframe for the significant ECC staff varies and is influenced by emergency complexity, size, and type. The location of ECC should be easily accessible, during emergency situations. The suppliers and several significant personnel can ECC facilities as fast as possible when needed. Several operational periods need second shift staff. More complex emergencies also need extra ECC staff. Long term emergency activities need the support of key suppliers in the ECC venue, to enhance vendor support. ECC accessibility is continuously reviewed because of increased population growth and also adequate access to transport means.The location of the ECC should be adequately safe. It is appropriately located in areas that are free from natural disasters and several other related hazards. The location should also be free from cascading events that are significantly high risks. The areas that have high terrorist risk level, should not host the ECC. There should be adequate processes or removing or disposing of harmful products like asbestos. The ECC buildings must adhere to the professional building codes or regulations. The size of the ECC must be adequate to accommodate entire operations.