Emergency Control Center

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Emergency Control Centre on its part cold is designed and established based on the jurisdiction or the functional specialty related to the whole organization. For instance, it could be organized in terms of regional or national emergency center or it could also be established under functions such as fire department or medical services.In principle, an Emergency Control Center is as good as the staff and the personnel who work in it. Thus, the designers of and establishers of the Emergency Control Center must ask critical questions regarding the staff and the personnel who will work in it (Stevenson and Sum 12). For instance, in rhetoric sense and aspect, it would be proper to consider the expertise of the work that would require to be discharged. If there is a fire emergency, it would be logical and fair that a person who is trained in handling fire machines and fire emergencies would be required to assist accordingly. Thus, depending on the type of the Emergency Control Center that would be established it would be prudent to consider the expertise and professional qualifications of the people who would work in it.Secondly, it would be proper to integrate training into the Emergency Control Center so as to increase the number of people who would be equipped with the knowledge and skills to act in case of an emergency. Some roles and duties are so critical and cut across all professions and it would be in good faith that they are taught to all people in the organization. A practical case and instance are the basics of first aid, how to handle a fire outbreak, issues around sexual harassment, discrimination amongst other issues that relate to the welfare of humanity. This could happen due to the fact in any organization or workplace, it may be impractical that all workers are trained in issues of emergency and contingency (Lee et al 319). However, there are some skills and expertise which are important to be left to the experts alone since some of these emergencies may be abrupt and accidental. In such cases of emergency, it may be prudent to apply the skills of the workers without waiting for the professionals.