Embodiment and experience

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This creates a system through which people can communicate and share huge volumes of personalised information without having to resort through several challenges and difficulties.From a Communications perspective, social media has various facades and connotations within which it can be deduced and evaluated. This include amongst other things, a view that it is a major communication tool, system and outlet that allows people to interact and also share huge volumes of information with few restrictions and limitations.This paper examines the embodiment of the social media from a communications perspective. To this end, the paper will explore the fundamental research question: To what extent can social media be critiqued and understood through viral logic and what practical applications can be made of it. The paper will thus evaluate various theories and concepts from books, journals and other secondary sources in order to provide critical answers to this fundamental research question.The concept of embodiment has to do with the presentation and identification of a given concept. Embodiment refers to giving a form to different parts and different components in order to give it a collective and holistic view and ideology. A body is a cognitive presentation of duality into a single entity (Blackman, 2008).In the modern concept, there is a tendency to identify and give a view of a given idea or conception to the mind and body (Blackman, 2008). In other words, there is the need to give a conceptual view to something that does not exist in the physical form and also give a name to something physical that has different components. Thus, philosophies seek to bring things that exist in thought into a full existence (Blackman, 2008). Therefore, the idea of a body is more of getting and putting together a view on something that exists and it involves the hard, and soft aspects of a given idea or