Embedded Web Server

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Since this is a commonly dealing device it will be helpful for the user to have knowledge with respect to the process of assembling and working of the Web Server. Hence the user must get acquainted with the main part of the device called Printed Circuit Board. To have the desired result it will be better to provide the subject by describing certain components of the web server perfectly. The systematic process of dealing the subject can be shown by the problem diagram given below.
In order to make a detailed study of the Internet Embedded Web Server, first we have to get acquainted with various subsidiary devices of the main system. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is one among them. This is considered as an integral part of the Internet Web Server Unit. The printed circuit board is the printed wiring board which is commonly used to manufacture electronics devices.
The PCB is an electronic device having two roles. Mainly it is the platform to assemble the components in an electronic device which has got high capability to provide electrical connections among the components. This consists of a non-conducting fiber glass sheet with bonding materials. This material is lined with very thin copper layer by means of some chemical process. Next task is to print the diagrammatic connections on the circuit board. This is a sketch with respect to the wiring connections to be followed in order to assemble the components. Hence the PCB can also be referred as the printed wiring boards. In previous days these connections were performed with the help of wires only. By applying photographic energy in transferring the images to PCB the printing process can be achieved very successfully. Naturally an acid resistant material is employed for printing the circuit diagram. Then this PCB is to be subjected for an Acid bath by which the copper lining on the board can be removed partially. The copper lining protected by means of the acid resistant material remains unaffected with the acid bath. Thus the connections get printed on the PCB. Next is to create some holes on the board. These holes are meant for mounting the components on the PCB which in turn needs to be mounted on a separate case which is considered to protect the electronic components as a whole. Then a coating is to be applied on the whole board in order protect the existing copper from