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The online marketers are looking for efficient way of reaching their online audience while at the same time they are supposed to minimize expenditures. Websites are the primary tools that are used by companies to market their products and services online. There, is therefore, a need to make sure that the website that is being marketed meets the aim they were meant to achieve. Most e-commerce sites that have been developed lack strategy to appeal to the audience. They lack in proper segmentation to address the issues and the needs of the various visitors that come to their sites for some information. They therefore fail to win these visitors and more still, fail to convert them to customers. Companies who are keen to turn more visitors to client swill have to learn about their intended audience and the needs and tastes they have. Every visit they make on the website should be an opportunity to entice them to buy or better still to come for services in the site. This report will look at ways in which La Jolie Hotel &amp. Spa can make use of e-commerce and CRM technologies to improve their business processes.
The current processes that are seen in this organization are autonomous, so that every department works on their own, independent from others. For example, booking is done in one department but the other departments do not get to know the booking that was made. The proposal is made here, therefore, so that all the departments are integrated in their this case, what takes place in the finance department is seen and appreciated in the human resource department. There is an online system, but each department operates online, autonomously. There is a need to have the departments somehow integrated so that staff have a shared vision and shared culture. The suggestions are therefore to have online Enterprise Resource Planning systems